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Weight Training for Endurance Runners? Not So Much . . .

Wednesday April 16, 2014

In recent decades, East African runners from Kenya and Ethiopia have dominated distance events like marathons and 10ks. Their body types are mostly very lean,  with  body mass indexes (BMI) at the lower end of the range at around 18. They do hardly any weight training but run a lot of hills, from which they get much of their anaerobic and leg strength.

---> Weigh Training for Endurance Athletes - the Good and the Bad

How Squats Build Power and Speed for Track Athletes

Wednesday April 16, 2014

Athletes who rely on speed and power for performance in competition know that squats are the "go to" exercise. They need powerful glutes and quads to generate the acceleration and top speed that wins events like athletic track sprints, cycle track sprints and related events. You have a lot to choose from; from one-legged squats to wide-legged squats. Try them all.

---> How Squats Build Power and Speed for Track Athletes

Weight Training for Motor Sports

Wednesday April 9, 2014

Car racing, bike racing, Formula 1, Indianapolis 500, Dakar Rally, Baja 1000, Le Mans 24 hours -- these are tough events where strength and stamina are required. Even a small advantage derived from a strength training program could be sufficient to give you that edge in vehicle handling, endurance, concentration and performance.

---> Weight Training for Motor Sports

Weight Training for Everyday Functionality

Wednesday April 9, 2014

Weight training is not just for bodybuilders and athletes. Incorporating weight training in a regular program of physical activity has health and lifestyle benefits as well. One of those benefits -- especially for seniors and older adults -- is functional strength, which can be defined as the ability to perform everyday physical tasks. Here's what you need to do:

---> Weight Training for Functional Strength

High Intensity and Steady State Training Compared

Monday March 31, 2014

Arthur Jones of Nautilus fame invented the term HIT for high-intensity weight training to failure. High-intensity interval training is something quite different -- except for the high-intensity part -- and steady state or continuous training (low, moderate or high) is something else again. What are the differences and how do they match up for training effect?

---> High Intensity and Steady State Training Compared

10 Great Abdominal Exercises

Friday March 28, 2014

The thing about abs is that you shouldn't need to spend hours targeting the one region of the body for good results. You can work the abdominal muscles in full-body exercise routines that hit a range of muscles. The abdominal muscle are recruited as stabilizers and synergists in some of these lifts. Mix it up and don't get locked into endless abdominals exercises.

---> 10 Great Abdominal Exercises

Sports Psychology Principles Can Help

Friday March 28, 2014

When famed baseball coach Yogi Berra said: "Ninety percent of this game is mental, and the other half is physical," he was probably suggesting that sports psychology could help win a game. In fact, many major league teams now utilize sports psychologists in some capacity, as do elite competition teams in many sports. Having a good "mental approach" is not just for elite competitors; the general principles can help anyone wanting to achieve a goal.

For competitive weightlifters, the principles can be even more important when facing that big bar for a critical lift.

---> Sports Psyschology for Weight Training

Overtraining and Overreaching

Tuesday March 25, 2014

Overtraining is generally regarded as having a longer-term effect on your body while overreaching is regarded as something of lesser duration or even significance. It's not quite that simple. Here's a description and discussion of the differences between overtraining and overreaching.

---> Overtraining and Overreaching

Bootcamp 2 - Even Harder Training

Monday March 17, 2014

Boot camp training, more likely known as 'bootcamp' is a spin-off from military training; but in essence is a mixture of calisthenics, running and bodyweight or assisted weight training. It is a great mix for all-round fitness, and at extreme levels can be very tough with extended high-intensity training. This new workout is in between a novice workout and more elaborate high-intensity and high-volume workout.

---> Get fit with Bootcamp 2.

A Basic Gym Workout Emphasizing Strength

Saturday March 15, 2014

We train for different things -- fat loss and body composition, muscle building, athletics, track and field and sports, weightlifting competition -- yet more directly, you can target increased strength as your main goal. Yes, you will build muscle as well, but if strength is your target, here is a workout for you.

---> A Basic Strength Training Program

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