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Weight Training for Beginners

Getting into weight training is easier than you might imagine and need not take much time or expense. Review our tips and information before you start this productive and healthy form of exercise.
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How to Know When to Take a Break from Training
Training too hard, for too long can go very wrong. You need to know when to take a break.

10 Things Beginners to Weight Training Must Know
Here are 10 things you should know when starting out with weights and resistance training.

Muscle Up - 12 Pounds of Muscle in 12 Weeks
Put on a pound of muscle each week with these techniques.

Weight Training 30-Day Quick Start Guide
Get into weight training with this 30-day quick-start guide. From your very first day to the final program goal at the end of 30 days. For absolute beginners or re-starters.

Get in Shape with Weight Training
What does it mean to "get in shape"? Getting fit means different things depending on your approach and goals.

Circuit Training for Beginners
Circuit training can be tough because it keeps you going with little rest in between exercises. This one distributes exercises evenly between resistance exercise and aerobics. You can make it as tough or easy as you like depending on your fitness starting out.

How to Do the Weighted Lunge

The lunge is basically a giant step. The exercise can be done without weights, with dumbbells or kettlebells held at the sides or at shoulder level or with a barbell at the chest or behind the neck on the shoulders. Lunges work the upper leg muscles and the muscles of the buttocks.

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The A to Z of Weight Training
Get knowledgeable about weight training and strength training from starting out with no experience to being an accomplished gym trainer with all the tricks of the trade.

Stretches and Warm-ups for Weight Training
The advice to stretch and warm-up before and after workouts to prevent injury or improve performance has taken a beating lately with some investigations showing no benefit. Get the latest tips on stretching and warm-ups in this article.

Absolute Beginner's First Weight Training Session
Going to the gym for the first time can be challenging, especially if you’ve never been particularly active or athletically inclined or motivated. But don't worry, this article provides an introduction to the process and shows you how to ease into weight training in the gym environment.

How to Do Dumbbell Exercises
This dumbbell exercise program can be used used at the gym or at home.

Top Ten Exercises for New Weight Trainers
Check out these top ten exercises for beginners in weight training: squat, bench or chest press, deadlift, leg press, deadlift, bicep curl, tricep pushdown, upright rows, pulldown and crunch

10 Things to Know About Weight Training
Novices to weight training may not be aware of these facts about weight training--some useful, some trivia-worthy. Either way, read up and impress your friends at the gym.

Questions and Answers about Fat Loss and Exercise
How to burn fat and lose weight is one of the most asked questions in fitness and weight loss exercise forums. Do we make it too complicated? Find out about facts and fallacies of weight loss exercise.

Weight Training Primer - Before You Start
Weight training is organized exercise in which muscles of the body are forced to contract with weights, bodyweight or other devices in order to stimulate growth and strength. Weight training is also called resistance training and strength training.

Begin That First Weights Session
You're all fired up and ready to go, but weight training requires some preparation, so here's what you should do to ensure a smooth introduction to weights and the confidence to keep on pumpin' that iron.

Best Weight Training Guide
This guide describes what weight training is, the various categories of weight training, exercises, programs, and approaches and techniques.

Where to Weight Train: Home or Gym
Ready to get started doing it rather than reading about it? That's right, you can start now. All you need is a set of dumbbells from the local mall and your basement and you're on your way. But is home the best place to do your weight training? This discussion will help you decide.

Should I get a Medical Check-up Before Weight Training?
Because exercise raises the heart rate, blood pressure, hormones and a number of other factors in your body beyond what they are at rest, there may be a chance that it will not deal with this extra effort if you have some abnormal response. Most people don't, but it pays to be a little cautious. A check-up from your doctor before you start is often wise.

Top Ten Weight Training Books
A selection of ten of the best bodybuilding books are briefly reviewed.

Beginner's Corner
Try these additional articles for beginners to weight training.

ExRx Weight Training Beginners Page
A comprehensive weight training exercise guide for beginners and advanced practitioners.

Mayo Clinic Weight Training
Getting started with weight training. Information from the prestigious Mayo Clinic.

Planning for Weight Training at Home
Weight training at home can be rewarding and highly convenient, or it can breed guilt as you keep missing your workouts. Plan your workouts first.

Strength Training at Home and Work

All About Heart Rates

When to Train - Time and Meals

Careers in Strength and Conditioning
Work in the fitness industry training in weight lifting, strength and conditioning.

Weight Training for Everyday Functionality
Being strong and flexible has tremendous advantages for everyday function -- from gardening to home handyman duties. Weight training is not only for bodybuilders.

How to Choose Personal Trainer
Choosing the right personal trainer for you has certain pitfalls. Here's a guide for when you need to employ a personal fitness trainer of strength and conditioning coach.

How Much Weight Should You Lift?
Starting out with weight training requires you to select weight loads to train with. This can be confusing for beginners. Here's how to do it.

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