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Benefits of Weights and Strength Training

Some of the most recent research has uncovered surprising benefits for health and wellbeing from weight training well beyond building a great body, although you might just get that too. Here at About.com Weight Training we'll show you what weights can do for your life -- and perhaps your love as well.

A Success Story in Weight Loss
Practical success stories are important because they show what's possible when you put your mind to it. Here's one of them.

10 Positive Health Effects of Weight Training
The health benefits of weight training are well documented and reach beyond weight loss.

Myths and Misconceptions About Strength Training
Regarding your strength training, discover what you can rely on, what is conjecture, untrue or just plain deceit.

Best 10 Fat Loss Tips
10 validated weight loss tips to get you lean.

Get Fit for Summer
Shape-up for summer with this weights and cardio program.

Carbohydrate Secrets for Weight Training
Explore the lesser known aspects of carbohydrate nutriton for weight training.

Top 10 Weights Exercises You Never Heard Of
Here's a few exercises you may not be familiar with.

How Much Exercise Do You Really Need?
Getting enough exercise is a standard health recommendation, but how much is enough, and how much is too much?

Things You Should Know About Osteoporosis and Exercise
Worrying about their bones is not something that teenage girls give high priority to – not in relation to how strong they are going to be in 20 years anyway.

How Weight Training Helps Seniors Stay Young
Exercise and non-exercise physical activity is important

Health and Fitness Benefits of Weight Training
Weight training and strength training provide benefits in fitness, preventive health, body image and self-esteem, injury recovery and functionality into old age, and in the treatment of chronic diseases.

Strong Women Still Stay Slim
Although large muscles tend not to be one of the acquisitions women get from weight training, increased strength, balance and bone density are. Check out these positives for weight training women.

Do You Need a Medical Check-up Before Starting Weight Training?
Thinking of starting to train with weights? There are many benefits including fitness, strength and disease prevention, but you should be sure you're ready to go. See if a medical screening would be the thing for you.

Weight Training Helps Prevent Diabetes
Strength training, as part of an exercise program, can help people lose weight, improve fitness and prevent the progression from early signs of pre-diabetes to a diagnosis of type 2 diabetes.

Weight Training Knowledge You Can't Do Without
Weight training 'unknown unknowns' and what you need to know to be a good trainer.

High-Intensity, Steady State
High-intensity training, whether weights or intervals, creates different fitness outcomes to steady-state or continuous aerobic training. Do both for best effect.

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