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6 Fitness Programs to Get in Shape

Want to Get in Shape? These Fitness Programs Will Get You There


Updated December 26, 2009

Chest press exercise

Chest press

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Do you want to get in shape? While it’s a little different for everyone, getting in shape means improving your aerobic power, flexibility, strength and speed. For many of us who have sedentary desk jobs, it can be hard to get and stay in shape without committing at least several hours a week exercise.

These six tailored fitness programs will help you reach your goals. Each offer different benefits. Let’s take a look:

1. Get in Shape With Weight Training

This program uses circuit training with weights to get you in shape, building your aerobic power and strength at the same time.

2. Get in Shape With Pilates

The Pilates method is a fast and effective way to build core strength and flexibility.

3. Get in Shape With Yoga

By following vinyasa yoga principles, you’ll break a sweat while also improving strength, flexibility, and muscle tone.

4. Get in Shape With Walking

Using a combination of walking and exercise workouts, this program helps you build speed, endurance and aerobic capacity.

5. Get in Shape With Running

This beginner running program will help you learn the basic of running while also helping you lose weight.

6. Get in Shape with General Exercise

Using step-by-step programs focused on cardio, strength and flexibility workouts, this program will help you build the basics on your path to getting in shape.

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