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How to Lose Fat With Weight Training

Pumping iron builds muscle and revs up the metabolism -- two things that can help metabolize fat and achieve that ideal body weight. See how it works with these tips.
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10 Android Apps for Strength and Fitness
20 Android Smart Phone Apps for Fitness

Spot Fat Reduction and How to Get It
Can you target fat loss at a particular body site? If not, what can you do to shape up that body bit?

Cardio and Weight Training and Fat Loss
Which is better for burning fat and weight loss - cardio or weights? The answer has always been obvious, but you need to do both.

Get Motivated to Work Out and Lose Weight
See how to stay motivated to exercise and lose weight.

10 Top Fat Busters
10 proven ways to lose weight with diet and weight training.

Comparison of Weights and Aerobic Exercise for Weight Loss
How does strength training compare to running and jogging for fat burning? Find out.

From Fat Belly to Flat Belly in 12 Weeks
Lose that Belly Fat Fast

What You Should Know About Your Metabolism
Speed up your metabolism with weight training -- but it's a little more complicated than that.

Fructose, Sugar and Your Health
Does fructose make you fat, or is it just another scare story?

Weight Training to Tackle Obesity
Fight the fat while maintaining muscle and bone with weight training.

Get Fit, Lose Weight: Tips for Holidays
Maintain fitness and lose fat during and after holidays.

What is the Fat Burning Zone?
The fat burning zone is touted as a desirable training intensity. But what is it, and does it work?

Ten Mistakes to Avoid When Building Muscle and Losing Fat
Increasing muscle and losing fat at the same time is the goal for many exercisers. But it's not easy because the body wants to do add or lose both. So what's the answer?

Answering Women's Questions About Weight Training
Get your questions answered about women and weight training principles and practices.

High-Intensity Weight Training Burns Belly Fat
Getting rid of the spare tire around the waist is problematic for many people. One way to tackle it is with high-intensity weight training.

Review of David Kessler's Book: The End of Overeating
Book review. The End of Overeating - Taking Control of the Insatiable American Appetite by David Kessler. MD.

Review of Tom Venuto's Body Fat Solution Hardcover Book
A review of The Body Fat Solution by Tom Venuto. 5 Principles for Burning Fat, Building Lean Muscle, Ending Emotional Eating, and Maintaining Your Perfect Weight

10 Weight Loss Myths to Waste Your Time
Weight loss has a mythology that has grown up around it over the years. Weight loss myths are strategies that either don't work or are overstated beyond their importance. Here are 10 weight loss myths.

Beginner's Weight Loss Weight Training
For beginners. This program shows you how to get going with weights and aerobic work at home or gym to lose weight.

7 Motivational Tips for Building a Great Body
Many personal trainers concentrate too much on the physical aspects of eating and training while neglecting the very important psychological elements in successful health and fitness achievement.

All About Body Fat Measurement
Knowing your body fat percentage is useful for sports purposes and to keep track of weight loss efforts. If you lose fat and increase muscle with a weights program, your total body weight may not change. Check out your options for keeping track of what happens to the fat in your body and what the various percentages mean for health and fitness.

Fad Diets for Health and Fitness
The popularity of fad diets or extreme diets is evidenced by the large number of books sold. How suitable are diets like the Atkins diet or the Ornish diet for people with regular exercise programs?

Fact and Fallacies of Food for Fat Loss
Eating certain foods called functional foods, refraining from eating other foods, timing various meals and building muscle are all touted as a way to lose weight. Some of these ideas have a basis in fact even though they are exaggerated and some are better ignored.

Questions and Answers about Fat Loss and Exercise
How to burn fat and lose weight is one of the most asked questions in fitness and weight loss exercise forums. Do we make it too complicated? Find out about facts and fallacies of weight loss exercise.

Cardio and Weights: Prioritize Your Workout
When should you do cardio in a session that includes weight training -- before or after? Find out in this article.

How to Burn More Fat with Less Effort
How to burn more fat with less effort describes a new study in which sprint training burns more fat than steady exercise.

Gain Muscle and Lose Fat with Bodybuilding Techniques
Good strategy advice from Hugo Rivera.

So You Want to Burn More Fat
Fat burning and how to do it. Weights, weight training, muscle building, high-intensity, low-intensity, fasting before breakfast, aerobics, cardio and the best methods of fat burning.

The Weight Trainer's Bodybuilding Diet
Knowing how to maximize your bodybuilding diet is one of the key ingredients in adding muscle to your body in conjunction with a weight training program.

Questions About Weight Training and Fat Burning
What type of exercise to do to burn the most fat is one of the most asked questions on fitness forums. Weight training is a crucial ingredient in the fat burning exercise mix. In this article, your most important questions are answered.

Weight Training for Metabolic Syndrome

10 Top Fat Burners at Gym
Don't worry about fat-burning zones and other trivia. To burn more fat you just need to exercise hard and long for best effect. A mix of weights and aerobics is a great combo. And you can do it in a gym in winter.

Holiday Weight Loss Tips
Too much food and drink over holiday and Christmas recreations can put on a few pounds real quick. Here's how to manage it.

How to Choose Your Weight Training Sets
Understand How to Choose the Number of Sets in Your Weight Training Workout

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