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Burn Fat With a Weight Training Program


Weight training is an important part of any weight loss program. Weight training can help you lose weight by building muscle and improve energy use after a training session with the "afterburn" effect.
  1. Exercise Programs
  2. Diet and Nutrition
  3. Cardio and Aerobics
  4. Weights for Fat Loss
  5. Facts and Fallacies

Exercise Programs

Along with aerobic exercise and sensible nutrition, exercise programs for muscle building and fat loss form an integrated solution for weight management

Diet and Nutrition

Successful weight loss programs incorporate sensible eating plans with appropriate exercise and activity programs, plus a motivational plan to ensure the food and fitness issues are primed for success. Knowing how, what and when to eat when you're exercising can be crucial to the success of the overall weight loss program.

Cardio and Aerobics

Doing cardio training like running, jogging, treadmill or walking is an essential part of a weight loss program. Combine cardio with weight training and you have a brilliant combination exercise program for maintaining weight and maintaining health.

Weights for Fat Loss

Weight training helps you maintain and build muscle, strength and bone density and burns up plenty of calories during and after a session. Muscle helps burn fat by increasing your metabolism in day-to-day living. Combined with cardio, strength training is an ideal weight loss tool.

Facts and Fallacies

Sorting out the good information from the bad on the web and other media sources can be hard work, if not impossible, especially if you are new to a subject. Take a look at these tips on exercise and nutrition, provided to keep you on the right track.

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