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Definition of Eccentric Weight Training


Updated June 11, 2014


When you curl your arm, the movement is "concentric," which means a shortening under contraction of the target muscle, the biceps.

When you straighten your arm from the curl position, the movement is "eccentric," which is a lengthening of the biceps muscle while contracting.

Some weight training advocates say that specific eccentric training can help build muscle size and strength superior to results from standard concentric-eccentric movements.

A justification for this is that eccentric muscle contraction is stronger than concentric contraction, which allows you to enlist heavier weights. To accomplish this, you may need to employ a helper or spotter to assist with the concentric part of the lift, and then you do the eccentric part alone.

Muscle soreness after a workout may be increased with a greater volume of eccentric work.

Also Known As: Negative training.

The workout program included 3 sets concentric/eccentric plus one set eccentric at increased weight.

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