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Muscle Up, Fat Down: Nutrition for Weight Training

Ever wonder what the best diet is for bodybuilding and weight training? Opinion varies, yet the sports scientists have studied this and, you know what? -- it's not too different from a regular healthy diet except that the devil is in the detail. Get the detail here, without the devil.
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Rules for Hydration in Exercise and Sports
Fluid replacement is essential for performance and health in athletes and heavy exercisers. Here's how.

All About Sports Drinks
Sports drinks help you replace fluids and energy during and after your workouts. When do you need them and are some better than others?

How to Count Calories
Measure energy intake and output by counting calories to lose weight.

Slow and Fast Carbs - What It Means for Your Training
Carbohydrates of various digestibility and how to use them in weight training.

'The Vegan Athlete' Book Review
Vegans don't eat any animal foods. 'The Vegan Athlete' tells you how to train with this healthy and energetic diet.

Training and Eating Options
Should you train on an empty stomach? Meal timing in relation to training is important.

The Female Athlete Triad is a condition consistent with disordered eating,...
The Female Athlete Triad is a condition of disordered eating, loss of menstruation, and osteoporosis in female athletes and heavy exercisers.

Protein Secrets in Weight Training
Athletes and heavy exercisers need a litle more protein. But don't overdo it.

Low-Carb Diets Revisited
Low-carbohydrate diets don't improve your training or your health.

Top 5 Ways to Stop Overeating and Lose Weight with an Exercise Program
To lose weight, you need to cut food intake. Rule number one: don't overeat after exercise.

Paleo, Warrior and Cave-man Diets - What You Need to Know
The Paleo diet is a popular diet based around estimates of what early humans ate over 10,000 years ago.

Vegan Bodybuilding and Weight Training
Vegan bodybuilders are building the muscle that most critics never thought they could without animal foods.

Top 10 Food Oils for Active People
Which fats? In this controversial subject, we pick the top ten food fats to eat.

Protein Foods for Weight Training and Bodybuilding
Which protein foods are best for muscle building, and how do they all differ?

Choose the Good Fats, Avoid the Bad Fats
Choose the best fats in your diet and avoid the not so good.

Making Weight Training Work for Fat Burning
How to Increase Fat Loss with Weight Training

Sports Nutrition and Weight Training - All You Need to Know
Knowing what, how much, and when to eat and drink can make a difference to your training and performance.

Sports Nutrition Disorders of Athletes
Athletes and heavy exercisers can get obsessive about training and nutrition patterns and procedures if they think it works for them; or it may be because high-achievers often tend to have somewhat obsessive personalities. In any case, disordered eating is a risk and should be monitored by coaches and trainers.

Food and Fluids After Exercise
Eating and drinking appropriately to refuel your body after exercise can provide the consistent energy for you to exercise regularly.

Timing of Food and Fluids for Exercise and Sports
The progressive timing of food and fluids consumed before, during and after exercise, training or competition is important for optimum performance.

Carbohydrates for Energy in Sports and Exercise
The more intense and the longer the duration of exercise, the more important it is to ensure carbohydrate intake is sufficient to maximize training and competition performance.

How Much Protein for Athletes and Exercisers
How much extra protein is required by active people and athletes has been discussed and debated for decades.

Eating and Drinking for Energy in Exercise and Sports
Food is fuel, and understanding the principles of refueling and types of fuels required for particular activities is important in maximizing exercise performance.

2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans
The guidelines on healthy eating for Americans are produced by the Department of Agriculture and the Department of Health and Human Services. The 2010 guidelines were released recently.

How Safe Are High-Protein Diets in Weight Training?
Many bodybuilders and weight trainers in the strength and conditioning sports advocate high-protein diets. But are they effective and safe to use?

Meal Timing for Weight Training
When and how you eat over the 24 hours of each day can have a positive or negative effect on the results of your training.

10 Top Foods for Weight Training
When you exercise hard, or when you juggle calorie counting with exercise and weight training, you need to ensure you eat well enough to supply essential nutrients. Here are ten foods you cannot do without out and why.

Creatine Supplements for Sports and Fitness
Creatine is one of the most widely used performance supplements in sports and fitness training. But does it work, is it safe, and how much do you need to take?

Taking Advantage of the Glycemic Index
The glycemic index (GI) is a scale that measures the rate of glucose delivery to the blood from the carbohydrate eaten. Knowing how the GI works may give you an advantage in your weight training or weight management goals.

Fact and Fallacies of Food for Fat Loss
Eating certain foods called functional foods, refraining from eating other foods, timing various meals and building muscle are all touted as a way to lose weight. Some of these ideas have a basis in fact even though they are exaggerated and some are better ignored.

Fad Diets for Health and Fitness
The popularity of fad diets or extreme diets is evidenced by the large number of books sold. How suitable are diets like the Atkins diet or the Ornish diet for people with regular exercise programs?

The Weight Trainer's Bodybuilding Diet
Knowing how to maximize your bodybuilding diet is one of the key ingredients in adding muscle to your body in conjunction with a weight training program.

Protein for Weight Trainers: How Much is Too Much?
Protein is one of the three main nutrients for the body -- called macronutrients. Because muscle is formed from protein, bodybuilders and weight lifters sometimes believe they require protein in large amounts in order to maintain that muscle mass; in fact, in amounts well in excess of what dietitians and nutritonists say they need. So who's right?

Bodybuilding Supplements Review
Bodybuilding supplements and nutritional supplements are reviewed for efficacy and safety.

Choosing the Best Diet in the World
Find out what the experts think is the best diet in the world.

Paleo Diets Revisited
How suitable is the Paleo diet for athletes -- considering performance and overall health?

Protein: Are You Getting Enough?
The Australian Institute of Sport has a good FAQ on protein for sports people, including resistance training athletes. It sums up requirements nicely in a scientific and reliable manner.

Dr John Berardi Precision Nutrition
Sound weight training nutrition from Dr John Berardi PhD.

Lyle McDonald's Body Recomposition Site
One of the better weight training and weight loss nutritionists with a sound scientific approach.

Australian Institute of Sport -- Nutrition
Concise sports nutrition information from the Australian Institute of Sport. Cutting edge summaries and research for many sports including weight training.

Protein Sources for Weight Training Review

10 Important Vegetables to Include in Your Diet
High-volume resistance training puts a lot of pressure on your dietary requirements, including antioxidant resources. Eat these vegetables regularly for protection.

Fat Burning Secrets
Burning body fat to lose weight seems like an obvious process in weight loss, yet there are many myths and misunderstandings about this process.

How Counting Calories Keeps You Fit and Strong
Knowing exactly what energy you consume in food and what you expend in physical activity puts you in a good position to get that lean muscle definition you want.

Protein for Weight Training
You need sufficient protein to build muscle and recover from strenuous exercise. Some proteins are healthier than others.

10 Protein Shakes to Boost Your Training

Best Nutrition Plan for Weight Training
You can't get ripped if you train hard with weights in the gym and eat like a fattie. Here's how to eat to build that perfect body.

Number 1 Fat Loss Workout with Weights
A gym workout designed specifically for energy expenditure and fat loss.

Why Soy Protein is a Healthy Choice
Soy foods from the soya bean has a controversial history in relation to healthy eating. For the most part, soy is a healthy eating option.

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