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Strength Training in Physical Therapy

Weight training exercises are often an important part of physical rehabilitation. Explore these resources for using weights in injury and illness recovery.
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A Bodyweight Bootcamp and Circuit
Get fit with this weight training, bootcamp and circuit program without expensive equipment or gym fees.

Top Training Exercises to Prevent Osteoporosis
Maximize Your Bone Health with Weight-Bearing Exercise

Weight Training in Rehabilitation
Strength and conditioning exercises can play an important role in recovery from injury - sports or otherwise.

Top Tips for Good Form and Safety
Practise good weight lifting technique to ensure safety and performance.

Understanding Posture
Posture is important; not only in old age, but starting at early age.

The Real Truth About Abs
The really, truly truth about abs -- no kidding . . .

What You Need to Know About Muscle
Understanding how muscle repairs and grows can help you with your weight training.

Training for Balance in Senior Years
Muscle strength and balance is important for preventing falls in senior years.

Knee Pain and Injury in Weight Training
Injury and pain in a knee joint is worth investigating. Here's what to watch out for.

Prevent and Manage Back Injuries in Weight Training
The lower back is susceptible to injury. Learn how to protect your back from injury and make it strong.

Injured Rotator Cuff of the Shoulder
Rotator cuff injuries of the shoulder are common among sports and non-sports people alike.

Know Your Joints and How to Exercise Them
Understand how your joints work during physical activity and how to protect them.

What You Should Know About Your Heart and Physical Training
Physical training and exercise affects your heart in various ways. Find out all about your heart and exercise.

Prepare for Military Training Boot Camp
Learn how to get fit and make it easy on yourself in military recruit training.

Prevent Injury - Things to Do and Not to Do for Hamstrings, Knees, Shoulders
You can prevent many of the injuries that lifters and other athletes suffer by being aware of these points.

Different Types of Stretching for Flexibility
static stretching, ballistic stretching, dynamic stretching, PNF stretching

Cable Exercise for Abs and Arms
For this exercise you pull down a weight attached to a cable system with arms out in front. You get work on the abs and the arms at the same time.

Stretches and Warm-ups for Weight Training
The advice to stretch and warm-up before and after workouts to prevent injury or improve performance has taken a beating lately with some investigations showing no benefit. Get the latest tips on stretching and warm-ups in this article.

Hamstring Training for Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation
Tears to the hamstring muscles at the back of the thigh are common injuries in active people. The best way to rehabilitate this injury or train muscles for prevention is controversial. Weight training programs which strengthen the hamstrings and the core muscles may offer a solution.

Do the Deep Abdominals Muscles Need Strengthening?
The recommendation to hollow in or draw in the abdominal muscles to activate the deep transversus abdominis muscles is now under question for weight trainers and strength trainers because the science does not hold up under investigation.

Orthopedics at About.com
About.com Orthopedics has a wealth of information on musculoskeletal injuries and treatment methods including strength training rehabilitation.

American Physical Therapy Association
Information from the American Physical Therapy Association

What's Your Body Type, and Does It Matter?

The 10 Most Dangerous Weight Training Exercises
Lifting heavy weights is inherently dangerous -- even if from poor handling. Yet beyond that, lifting has its own risks for the musculoskeletal system.

Stretching for Fitness, Balance and Strength
Learn what stretching is, how to stretch, when to stretch, and when not to stretch.

A Basic Strength Training Program
A workout program and schedule for strength training -- sessions, sets, repetitions, exercises.

The Troublesome Achilles Tendon
The Achilles tendon is responsible for a lot of time in rehabilitation when the damage is severe. Even mild tears can result in lost time in competition and training.

Hamstring Function, Injury, Rehabilitation
The hamstrings are muscles at the back of the thighs and play a master role in running and forward motion. But they are easily injured.

Technique and Safety in Weight Training
Resistance exercise produces optimum results if you perform the exercises with 'good form,' which means applying force to muscles and joints for maximum effect and safety.

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