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Best Phone Apps for Strength Training

Track Your Training and More


Updated October 15, 2012

There are many, many apps for iPhone and Android phones and tablets that help you work out, whether it's strength training, running or just about any other physical activity you prefer. Here is a selection for iPhone to help you with your resistance and strength training -- from weight loss to bodybuilding. Android versions may also be available.

Target Weight

At $1.99, Target Weight is a weight tracking app that inspires and encourages as you track your weight loss goals and ideal weight. Enter existing weight, updates, monitor body mass index, get lifestyle tips. This one is not too complicated and seems to work well as an inspirational and motivational tool.


RunKeeper is a free app that tracks your cardio activity whether running, cycling or walking. Cardio is useful as one aspect of a weight training and bodybuilding program -- even if you aren't a dedicated runner -- because it helps in weight control and body shaping.

RunKeeper is a sophisticated app with many features and functions including tracking your runs, times, calorie expenditure and much more -- even heart rate monitoring with the appropriate sensors. Probably the best of its type.

Fitness Buddy

This app is very highly rated and for 0.99 cents is a bargain. It seems to be regularly updated and supported. With 1700 exercises and 1000 HD videos, as well as the usual tracking and workout help, hints and tools, it has to be one of the best general training apps out there.


Check this one out for $1.99. It has over 450 3D images and animations of a vast range of strength and resistance training exercises. You can understand muscle anatomy and physiology, create workouts, share workouts, read tips, rotate and zoom images, enter personal details, search for exercises and body parts, and a lot more. Visually brilliant.


Free to start but with increasing fees for specific uses and $10.49 for the first level. This app has a huge canvas with a library of over 5600 images and videos and a vast range of options and upgrades. There are workouts, graphs, plans, nutrition news, expert advice, workout progress, body and weight tracking and web access. For some, it may be too much to choose from, but it looks good value for money if you stick with it and use it.

iFitness Pro

Only 0.99 cents, this is one of the earliest fitness apps and always gets high ratings. iFitness has hundreds of exercises and stretches with good instruction and description as well as a 90,000 item food database and calorie counter function. Track your progress of course. Nice to use.

GymGoal Plus

Buy this for $5.49. There is also a free version that's not so feature-rich but okay for testing. GymGoal is a premium workout helper and tracker with all the main exercises and a database of 52 workout routines to suit most purposes. The interface is efficient and functional.

Men's Health Workouts

The $1.99 version is okay, and from a 'name' provider has some reputation to live up to, so it will probably be supported well over time. It has a useful interface and seems to work well. Not as feature-rich as some others, but worth a try. New workouts are added regularly.

Virtual Trainer

Virtual Trainer Pro costs $1.99. A free version is also available. What distinguishes this one is the multitude of workout programs available -- 170 at last count, from 6-60 minutes. Weight training, cardio, sprints, sports, weight loss -- they're all there. It also includes the usual range of exercise descriptions and tracking functions. It works with their web site and seems to have good medical and professional trainer support.

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