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Target Muscles with Specific Exercises


Updated December 09, 2008

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Getting Started with Targeted Muscle Building

Ever tried to remember which exercises are best for building which muscles? I still have to check out some of the finer points. Once you start doing this in detail it can get a little tricky because there are many small muscles -- and even the target muscles have helper muscles (synergists) and stabilizer muscles that get involved as well.

In this article, I’ll concentrate on the most important target muscles of the major body sections and the best weight training exercises to target them. Because there are literally hundreds of exercises, I’ve chosen a mixture of the most common and the most useful across a range of free weights, machines and bodyweight exercises.

If you’re a bodybuilder and you need to make your muscle targets a little more specific, then check out Hugo Rivera’s Bodybuilding site for further information.

(I've only linked once to an exercise example, though it may be repeated in subsequent muscle groups.)

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