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These weight training exercise programs and workouts give you an organized exercise prescription for weight loss, body shaping, fitness, sports conditioning, general health and more.
  1. Beginners' Workouts
  2. Workouts for Strength, Muscle and Power
  3. Dumbbell Workouts
  4. Sports-Specific Programs
  5. Weight Training Equipment

Beginners' Workouts

If you're new to weight training, starting slowly until you get used to the movements is essential, not only to prepare your body for the new stresses but to ensure you learn the correct way to do the exercises.

Workouts for Strength, Muscle and Power

Here's how to target specific objectives in weight training, including a general strength, muscle and power program for beginners.

Dumbbell Workouts

Who needs tons of equipment? All you need is a set of dumbbells with adjustable weights, and with these dumbbell exercises and programs below, you can achieve stronger, leaner muscles in no time.

Sports-Specific Programs

These weight training programs focus on the fundamental requirements of particular sports. The workouts support and complement the physical and functional characteristics of the sport.

Weight Training Equipment

The choice is vast and so is the price range. You can get beautifully crafted dumbbells and sophisticated home gym machines at the more expensive end of the range, yet there is surprisingly inexpensive and functional equipment in the budget class.

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