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20 Workout Programs with Weights

Choose a Workout to Suit Your Plan


Updated February 22, 2012

The Deadlift Exercise

The Deadlift

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To get the most out of a weight-training program, you should decide what your goals are first. Then you can build or adopt a weight-training program to suit. There are many targets for your weight training. You may wish to train specifically for losing weight, building muscle, getting fit, playing sport, shaping your body, attaining general fitness or to target a health outcome, such as improving bone density.

Here are 20 workout programs to choose from - including everything from weight loss to strength training for a wide range of sports:

1. Beginners Start Here

This beginner's page is a good jumping off point if you need to get up to speed on terminology and practices when starting out.

Strength, Muscle, Power

Check out these basic programs that target the fundamentals of resistance training:

Programs for Weight Loss and Fitness

You can get fit and lose weight with these targeted workouts:

Special Targets

Workouts that target specific sites, conditions or special groups:

Dumbbell Workouts

Dumbbells are useful because they're flexible in exercise program design, yet also inexpensive:

Workouts for Sports

Various sports generally have some specific requirements because of the individual nature of the characteristics of strength, flexibility, power and bulk required:

If you're new to weight training, choose an achievable program, recover between sessions and don't take on too much too soon. If you stick with it, the benefits are many.

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