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How to Do the Triceps Pushdown


Updated June 19, 2014

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How to Do the Triceps Pushdown -- Positioning the Body
The triceps pushdown

Starting position for the triceps pushdown

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The triceps pushdown is one of the best exercises for triceps development. Variations include grip position and a rope handle instead of the horizontal bar. Done properly, this one really burns.

The triceps muscle at the rear of the upper arm comprises three heads and is a bigger muscle than the biceps at the front of the arm. Building big triceps is the key to bigger all-round arms if that’s your aim. Be cautious with this exercise if you have an elbow injury or if you develop persistent elbow soreness over time. 'Light weights rule' to start with.

Muscles worked: triceps brachii

Body Position

  • Face the triceps pushdown machine and grasp the horizontal cable bar with an overhand grip. The bar should be at about chest level.

  • Tuck the elbows into the sides and position the feet comfortably, slightly apart.

  • To start with, set a low weight with the pin and plate adjustment and practise a few repetitions to see how the device works. Versions of this machine may include other weighting mechanisms.
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