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Equipment for Weight and Strength Training

Weight training uses a range of standard equipment such as free weights, racks, benches, steps, fitness balls, medicine balls, treadmills and various machines such as leg extension, triceps push-down and assorted cable machines. Here you can find out how they work and how to use them.
  1. Home Equipment

Workout Program Design for Optimum Fitness
Create a gym and fitness program by following some basic principles and simple steps.

Weight Training Tips at All Levels
Reach your weight training goals with these training tips and hints.

Gym Health and Safety
Gyms and health clubs not only have heavy equipment that can hurt you, such environments are also excellent places to exchange infectious and contagious diseases.

10 Pieces of Useful Gym Equipment
You can utilize specialized equipment to make weight training easier and more effective

Develop Core Muscles with Strength Training
Use compound exercises to get a strong core.

Review of 'The Max Muscle Plan' Book by Brad Schoenfeld
Brad Schoenfeld's book 'The Max Muscle Plan' is all you need to embark on a bodybuilding, muscle-shaping program from beginner to advanced.

If you're stuck without a gym or any external weights equipment, you can...
Bodyweight exercises can substitute for weights and the gym.

Building Variety and Progression in Weight Training
How to alter your weight training routine to freshen up the workout, and to progress.

Best 10 Gym Machines for Weight Training
Top Gym Machines for Weight Training

10 Pieces of Gym Equipment You Must Have
Ten essentials pieces equipment for a personal trainer studio or large home gym.

7 Home Gyms and Multi Gyms
Seven home gym reviews and multi gym reviews based on a range of function and affordability for weight loss and fitness to serious weight training and bodybuilding.

Home Gym Equipment – How to Choose What’s Best for You
A 'home gym' can be a place to work out at home or a single workstation that allows you to perform many exercises. These are also called multi-gyms. Either way, this article tells you how to go about setting up your own home gym.

Nautilus Bowflex Home Gym
Bowflex is a very popular brand of home multi-gym for full body workouts.

Epinions Gym Equipment Reviews
A consumer review site with ratings of equipment. Useful for getting an overview and price before further research.

Competition Weightlifting - Olympic Liffting - Powerlifting Equipment
Critical Bench commercial weight training and lifting equipment.

Gifts for Weight Training Men and Women

Training well means using good equipment. The following personal items of weight training equipment will serve you well if you train at home or away from a gym. And they make good gifts at any time of year for friends and family.

Free Weights, Machines or Cables for Gym

Weight Training Gear You Can't do Without
You can choose so much gear and equipment these days that selection is problematic, but here is a list of 'must haves' for the gym and weights trainer.

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