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How Weight Training Can Help People With Special Requirements

We tend to think of people that are into weight training as either the bodybuilding type or the sportsperson with an emphasis on building big and powerful bodies. That's a fact, but weight training is used for many other purposes, providing benefit for particular groups of people such as the elderly, the handicapped and the ill or rehabilitating.

Ice and Heat for Exercise Injury
How to use ice and heat for injury in sports and exercise; what works, how and when.

Top 10 Doping Drugs in Sport
Here are ten performance enhancing drugs in sport that make up most of the doping cases.

Weight Training with a Disability
People with a disability are able to participate in fitness and weight training, with a doctors advice, and some go on to be Olympians.

Ultimate Fat Burning
10 exercise and diet tips proven to slim you down and get you fitter.

Insulin and Exercise
Without sufficient insulin, the healthy human metabolic process breaks down leading to serious illness and even eventual death. Insulin is no less important in exercise function and recovery.

Physical Activity Guidelines for American Youth
Physical Activity Guidelines for Children and Youth

Build Your Best Body in 52 Weeks
Start slowly and build your best body over 52 weeks.

Medical Clearance for Weight Training Clients
Weight training can help improve certain medical conditions, but you have to know when to get a medical clearance from a doctor or appropriate health professional.

Dumbbell Strength Training for Seniors
Dumbbells are a convenient and flexible tool in strength training. This program for seniors uses eight exercises for upper and lower body strength and conditioning.

Weight Training for Children and Adolescents
The age at which it is safe and desirable for young people to start weight training has been a matter of contention for many years. The American Academy of Pediatrics has just released a revised policy.

Getting to Know the Different Weight Training Disciplines
Bodybuilding, powerlifting and weightlifting are all competitive sports. Weight training for health and fitness is quite different even though similar exercises can be utilized.

How to Train With Weights While Pregnant
It's generally safe to continue an exercise and weight training program in pregnancy. Providing you take note of a few safety precautions and modifications, you can continue to benefit from regular exercise.

Best Exercises for Osteoporosis
Exercise and nutrition can help women and men avoid the bone condition called osteoporosis or brittle bones. Some exercises work and some are not so good. Find out the best exercises for osteoporosis.

Children Benefit from Weight Training Too
Children can benefit from weight training but they require supervision and an experienced trainer to ensure a safe environment and program is in place.

Why Women Should do Strength Training
This article explores the benefits of weight training for women, including muscle strength, improved bone density, weight management and even prevention of chronic diseases such as diabetes and cancer.

Beat Diabetes with Exercise and Weight Training
Weight training and strength training assists in preventing type 2 diabetes and maintaining the health of those unfortunate enough to have been diagnosed with this affliction. Here's a summary of what the experts say.

Making Seniors Strong With Weight Training
Training with weights helps seniors maintain strength and resists muscle decline if they work at it.

Five Ways Weight Training Can Improve Diabetes
See how weights and resistance training can help you with diabetes.

10 Important Hormones in Weight Training

Resistance Training for Children and Adolescents
Careful attention to detail is all that is required to create safe weight training programs for children and adolescents.

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