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Weight Training for Health - Diabetes - Heart Disease - Cancer

Prevention is the key to health. Weight and strength training assists us prevent chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease by improving fitness and controlling weight and blood pressure. Weight training may also help people with arthritis, multiple sclerosis and ageing afflictions such as loss of muscle mass. Check out the following resources.

How to Train for Body Type and Shape
Body type and shape depend on inherited body type and as a consequence of lifestyle. This can affect how you approach a fitness training program.

The Truth About Saturated Fat in Your Diet
Some in the weight training community say saturated fat should be your main source of fat, not unsaturated fat. So who's correct?

Cancer is a lifestyle disease in part. It's one thing to stay healthy with...
Prevent Cancer with Lifestyle Choices

Why You Don't Need Fat-Burner Supplements
Certain foods are supposed to "burn fat" but the idea has little merit.

Exercise and Cancer
Physical activity can protect against cancer and improve recovery.

Avoiding Supplement Hazards
Over-the-counter supplements and herbal medicines are not always safe.

Weight Training Reduces Risk of Dementia
Accumumating evidence that weight training reduces the risk of dementia. Why is this?

Secrets of Body Fat and How You Can Control It
Body fat and how to regulate it.

Weight Training for Longevity and Life Extension
Weight training can keep you strong, flexible and functional as you age. Why wouldn't you do it?

7 Great Grains for Athletes
Whole grains for energy, fitness and health

7 Great Grains for Athletes
Whole grains for energy, fitness and health

How Exercise Affects Your Immune System
Learn about how exercise affects your immune system.

How Weight Training and Exercise Prevents Disease
Fitness and exercise, from weight training to running and swimming and beyond, helps keep you healthy in many ways. Here's how it works.

Protect Yourself from Rhabdomyolysis
Rhabdomyolysis is a painful and potentially dangerous muscle condition that results from extreme exertion, often during and after exercise in high temperatures.

All About Osteoporosis and Strength Training
A collection of articles about the best way to maintain healthy bones with weight training and strength training and exercise.

Protect Yourself from H1N1 Flu at the Gym
H1N1 flu, formerly swine flu, is an infectious and contagious disease. Find out how best to continue to workout in the gym and take the best precautions to protect yourself.

Weight Training and Exercise for Type 1 Diabetics
Exercise, including weight training is known to help type 2 diabetics manage their weight, blood glucose and general health. Can it do the same for type 1 diabetics?

A Workout Program for Diabetes
Diabetes is a disease of glucose metabolism and insulin failure. Exercise can help, but what type of exercise is best and which exercises help most?

Best Exercises for Osteoporosis
Exercise and nutrition can help women and men avoid the bone condition called osteoporosis or brittle bones. Some exercises work and some are not so good. Find out the best exercises for osteoporosis.

Weight Training for Parkinson's Disease
Parkinson's disease symptoms may improve with the application of weight training techniques. Even muscle building supplements may have a role in improving strength and quality of life.

Weight Training and Prostate Cancer
Working out with weights can prevent the adverse effects of some prostate cancer treatments according to new research. Weight training ameliorates some effects of prostate cancer treatment.

Tips for Staying Healthy with Weight Training
Weight training is healthy exercise for sure, but to get the maximum advantage you need to ensure that the benefits are not offset by injuries and illness that accrue as a result of your time under the weights. Here are some tips for minimizing any adverse effects of weight training and strength training.

Why Women Should Train with Weights
Strength training helps women build strong bones, improve balance and muscular strength and maintain weight. It may also benefit women dealing with a diagnosis of cancer. Read how in this article.

So You Want to Burn More Fat
Fat burning and how to do it. Weights, weight training, muscle building, high-intensity, low-intensity, fasting before breakfast, aerobics, cardio and the best methods of fat burning.

Weight Training Can Help Prevent Diabetes
Weight training and strength training assists in preventing type 2 diabetes and maintaining the health of those unfortunate enough to have been diagnosed with this affliction. Here's a summary of what the experts say.

How to Burn More Fat with Less Effort
How to burn more fat with less effort describes a new study in which sprint training burns more fat than steady exercise.

Women's Fitness from Hugo Rivera
A list of articles on women and weight training and health, including pregnancy.

ADAM Diabetes
Diabetes can be prevented and controlled with exercise, especially weight training

Strength Training for Older Adults from Tufts University
This article has impressive statistics on the benefits of strength training for older adults.

Resolution Kit Bag
You don't even have to make up your own fitness resolutions: Choose from these!

10 Health Conditions that Benefit From Weight Training
heart disease, cancer, Parkinson's disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, sarcopenia

Why You Need a Medical Check
Physical activity can improve your health, but you need to ensure you have no conditions that would modify the type of training workout you do.

Weight Training and Stroke
Lifting heavy weights can push you blood pressure up quite high. Should you be concerned about a stroke? Not so much, but caution is still required.

Healthy Older Adults - How to Train

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