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Weight Training Programs for Sports

Various sports enlist muscles selectively to achieve a competitive result. Even different positions in a team favor particular muscle groups. A quarterback does not have the same requirements as a linebacker. Designing weight training programs to emphasize the needs of a particular sport or player is the focus of this section.

Rules for Hydration in Exercise and Sports
You need to replace lost fluids if you exercise hard. Latest updates.

Choose Your Sports Weight Training Program
Pick your sport and see how to train with weights.

Periodized Weight Training Programs
A periodized program of weight training schedules peaks and troughs in training and competiton and recovery.

20 Exercises to Make You a Superhero
Put together these 20 exercises and fitness routines and it will build the best body and fitness you can imagine.

Weight Training for Equestrians and Jockeys
Getting fit for horse riding and equestrian sports with weights and strength training.

Cross Training Can Help Your Strength Workouts
Strict training programs for strength and muscle or athletic performance can benefit from cross training.

Weight Training for Mountain Biking
Mountain biking and racing requires strength, endurance and speed. Weight training can help.

Weight Training for Surfing
Get in shape with weights for surfing.

Weight Training for Rugby Football
Get fit for Rugby with a weights program.

Weight Training for Hamstrings
Hamstring injuries can be very debilitating. See how they occur and how you can strengthen the hamstrings.

Weight Training for Walking
Weight training exercises for walking and trekking.

Fitness and Weight Training for Military Recruits
Don't make it hard on yourself; get fit before you turn up for basic training in any of the military or police services.

Weight Training for Snowboarding
A weight training program to help your snowboarding.

Muscle Fiber Type and What It Means for Strength Training
Human muscle is made up of two dominant types of muscle fiber -- red fiber and white fiber. Find out what it means for stength and conditioning and sports in general.

Weight Training for Handball
Improve your strength and performance for Handball with a weight training program.

Training for the Olympic Games
See how strength training is used for Olympic sports.

Build Strength for Strongman Competition
Strongman competitions are unique exhibitions of strength and power utilizing everyday objects designed to test ultimate strength.

Road Racing and the Tour de France

Weight Training for Uncommon Sports
Improve your skills and ability in uncommon sports with weight training. Weight training can improve strength and power, flexibility and even steadiness under stress for archery, shooting, synchronized swimming, fencing and many other sports.

Weight Training for Wrestling
Learn how to improve with weight training for wrestling

Weight Training for Bowling
Improve your bowling by doing weight training.

Weight Training for Field Hockey
Weight training can improve strength and speed for field hockey.

Weight Training for Adventure Racing
You need strength and endurance to be an adventure racer. Here's how to train.

Weight Training for Climbing
Climbing requires upper and lower-body strength for sure. See how to train with weights to improve your climbing.

Weight Training for Rowing, Kayaking and Canoeing
Being fit for rowing, canoeing and kayaking requires upper-body strength and endurance. A weight training program can help.

Weight Training for Throwing Sports
Use weight training for high performance in throwing sports like the Olympic field sports of javelin, shot put, hammer throw, and discus.

Weight Training for Speed Skating
Get up to speed with a strength training program for speed skating.

Weight Training for Skiing
Weight training can help your skiing by promoting strength and balance.

Weight Training for Football (Soccer)
Football (soccer) has its own physical fitness requirements, including speed, strength, stamina, jumping ability, and all-round twisting and turning agility. Weight training can help.

Weight Training for Swimming
Develop strength and power with weight training for swimming.

Weight Training for Tennis
Improve your tennis with weight training.

A Weight Training Program for Boxing
Boxing fitness requires a unique combination of aerobic fitness, strength, power and agility. Check out this weigh training program for boxers.

Weight Training for Track Cycling
Track cycling is a power sport rather than an endurance sport. Your weight training needs to reflect this.

Volleyball Weight Training Tips
Weight training for a sporting discipline usually requires a periodized program. Volleyball has special requirements of power and jumping ability. A weight training program needs to focus on these outcomes.

Increase Your Vertical Jump With Weight Training
Jumping high -- in sports terminology, the vertical jump -- is a key attribute in many sports where jumping is an essential skill. Basketball, soccer football, Australian football, volleyball, high jumping, long jumping and many more sports required the ability to jump high. But how do you train for it?

How to Run Fast With Weight Training for Sprinters
Running fast is not only for sprint sports, it's also a valuable asset for many team sports. You can improve your power and speed by incorporating weight training in your program.

Weight Training Workouts for Hiking and Backpacking
Lugging a 30 to 40 pound pack on your back for many hours each day requires a good amount of fitness -- and strength in the appropriate places.

A Football Weight Training Program
Weight training for football requires attention to skills specific to football. This program describes a strength and power program designed to benefit performance and provide protection from injury.

Weight Training for the Marathon
Can weight training help marathon runners, long-distance cyclists and other endurance athletes?

Weight Training for Golf
Golf can be played all year round, especially if you're a traveling professional. Weight training may provide a power advantage but you need to start with the basics and build strength progressively. This program shows you how.

Weight Training for Ice Hockey
Weight training for ice hockey requires attention to skills specific to ice hockey. This program describes a strength and power program designed to benefit performance and provide protection from injury.

Weight Training for Basketball
Basketball training can include a periodized weight training program starting at pre-season right through to the end of season. This program describes a strength and power program to benefit performance and provide protection from injury.

A Baseball Weight Training Program
Baseball training can benefit from a periodized weight training program over the yearly cycle, starting at pre-season right through to the end of season and into the closed season. This program describes a strength and power program to benefit performance and provide protection from injury.

Hamstring Training for Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation
Tears to the hamstring muscles at the back of the thigh are common injuries in active people. The best way to rehabilitate this injury or train muscles for prevention is controversial. Weight training programs which strengthen the hamstrings and the core muscles may offer a solution.

Weight Training for Sport - General Principles
Weight training can improve sporting performance, especially in power sports such as football, sprinting and field sports and many others where strength, bulk and explosive speed are important for success.

Strength Training Support for Triathlon Racing
Triathlon comprises swim, bike and run. Weight training can help.

SportSpecific.com Training Programs
Strength and conditioning programs are available for a range of sports. Subscription required for most.

Training Programs for Sport from NetFit
Training programs for football, golf, cricket, rowing, rugby, skiiing, racquet sports, swimming, cycling, triathlon

A Weight Training Program for Mixed Martial Arts
Mixed martial arts training, or any type of training for fight contests that require a combination of speed, strength and power, require specialized programs that emphasize all of these attributes.

10 Sports That Benefit From Weight Training

Strength and Endurance

Calisthenics for Strength and Muscle

10 Advanced Weight Training Tips
Learn how to move on to the next level in your weight training program for strength and muscle.

Basic Strength Training Program
This strength training program emphasizes building strength rather than muscle size or endurance. Lift heavy, rest more, do fewer repetitions, get strong.

Overtraining and Over-reaching - Differences
Overtraining and overreaching (over-reaching) are measures of exercise capacity that go beyond optimum for training response. Here's how not to.

Sports Psychology for Weight Training
Knowing how to train is one thing; getting and staying motivated and dealing with competition stresses are additional essential challenges that you need to address.

Weight Training for Motor Sports
Motor sports like track racing and rallying require strength, stamina, and concentration for that winning edge. If you fatigue, you will lose concentration. Learn how to stay strong.

Squats and Athletes
Squats - two legged, one-legged, Sumo, jump squats -- you name it, squats drive big and powerful legs and that's why track sprinters of all kinds train with them.

Weight Training for Runners
Does weight training help endurance runners like marathoners and triathletes? It's a question that has been debated for decades, with no equivocal opinion. Here are the pros and cons.

World Cup Football - How to Train
The football (soccer) World Cup brings together the best footballers in the world. See how to get those superior abs and muscles of the top players.

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