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Readers Respond: How Much Muscle Did You Put On In Your Best Month?

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Updated November 15, 2009

From the article: How Much Muscle in a Month?
Questions similar to his get asked frequently on weight training and bodybuilding forums. And there is no shortage of "experts" and marketers making outrageous claims for wild muscle growth with certain programs and diets. I'm talking about steroid-free training here. The variables are many -- men, women, young, old, skinny, fat -- you name it; it won't be the same for everyone, naturally. What's your experience?

4 lbs a month

Couple years ago when I was 21 I put on a total of 13 lbs in 8 weeks. According to my bf scale, 8 lbs of that was lean muscle, so that would equate to 4 lbs of lean muscle a month. I pushed myself to the limit during those two months and I ate like crazy... Didn't really watch what I ate though. Just ate a ton of everything... But thats what you gotta do if you want to put on serious weight.
—Guest Jamal

how much did i gain

My first month i started at220 lbs, a fair amount of fat( i think) i trained 3 times a week hard muscle formed fast maybee 4 lbs, I weighed my self 5 mos later 90% of my fat gone and i weigh 220 lbs so sticking to the 3 day a week lotsa spaggetti n oatmeal helped form a chubby body in to a muscular one in a few mos;) good luck
—Guest jon

Did 34 lbs in 9 weeks

In Basic training (Army, Fort Leonard Wood.), I went from 151 to 185. I had never done any weight training and got in alot of trouble so I got smoked more thank anyone else.
—Guest Star

Three week program

I am forty five years of age and weigh about 72 - 74 kg. At 5'10" that makes me a fairly slight person on the lighter side of average. Will summer coming up I decided to go on a health kick recently for three weeks with a view to getting a bit leaner and putting on a bit of muscle. When I started I was 74 kg. I chose a three week period because in my experience that s about the outer limit that I can manage to do re a health kick with healthy food, no grog, early starts and early to bed (including no or minimal going out - such as to dinner, etc). My program was porridge or wheat box with low fat soy in the morning, an apple for morning tea, a can of Tuna for lunch, a carrot or something healthy for afternoon tea - with lean protien and vegetables for tea. For me, anyway, that diet is agony. I drank a lot of water and black coffee and did not smoke. Exercise wise I did two pump classes plus two sessions of gutwork/swimming/stretching per week. After 3 weeks I looked a lot better.
—Guest Robert

My first month

I trained 5 days a week hour and a half a day 2 days of rest every work out week. Consumed a Dailey average of 240-370 grams of protein. I ate clean breaking my meals down to 4-6 a day each ranging from 500-900 calories a total of maybe 10-20 fat cals a meal. One protein shake in between meals consisted of 60 grams per shake. I gained 10 pounds of muscle for the first month the second month only 6 pounds I'm starting into my 3rd month so I'll keep you posted on my gains for this current month. On a side note I do 2 days a week of endurance training along with Plyometrics. I believe a iron will, well guided training routine with a healthly balanced diet and some supplements to add into your diet you can see a good amount of gains the first 2 months of training.. After that you need patience your body is like a sculpture it takes focus and a vision to. Achieve the body you want nothing is overnight.
—Guest Rob

My Most Muscle Mass Gained in One Month

My best month was my first month of serious exercise. I joined the Marines so I was exercising like you would not believe. I ate 6 healthy meals a day and drank 1-2 protein shakes as well. I ran 3-7 miles a day along with many other workouts daily. I managed to gain 8lbs in the first month and 4lbs in the second month. I do concur that the intial month will provide your biggest gains as your body is really taking shape at that point. My goal of 180-185lbs before I leave for boot camp I'm not too far off at this point. I have 13lbs to go to be at 180. Just keep at it and your goals will come in due time. Best of luck.
—Guest Nathan

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