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Readers Respond: When Do You Do Your Cardio?

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Updated April 17, 2009

Aerobic training or cardio is generally accepted as an integral part of fitness training, although some individuals in the weight training community don't agree that cardio like running, jogging or cycling is necessary. Can weights do it all?

When do you do your cardio -- before or after weights at the gym, or perhaps on a separate day?

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Bobuilder routines...

Look at any bodybuilder and roller their routine! It's that simple...they all do LISS(low entensity steady state) cardio after lifting weights. I follow the same regimen when I need to cut body fat and it works very well. I personally do 30min 12%grade and 2.5-3.0mph
—Guest Lean n mean

No Cardio Before or After Weight Trainin

Any form of Cardio, more than 5 min., exhausts you and you won't get the strength to do the Muscle Building workout in the way you need to build muscles. Cardio should be restricted to only 5 min. or do it on another time of the day.
—Guest Saurav

Cardio first if.,.............. athlete

Your doing athletic training. I played rugby for 20 years. Always perform weights after cardio, as during the game you must be able to perform in a state of fatigue. After all the what is the purpose of your program? If it is for a sport, simulate the movements, conditioning and athletic duress used during that sport.
—Guest AJ


The benefits of doing cardio before or after weight training may change due to person. But YOUR ARTICLE IS CRAP AND MISLEADING! You state that cardio burns more calories than weight exercises ???? bullshit. you say EPOC level is higher if you do cardio first ???? bullshit. DON'T MISLEAD PEOPLE WITH FALSE INFORMATION, do some serious research.
—Guest T.Durden

When Do You Do Your Cardio?

I have done both ways, and of course I have not lost weight in both ways. However, I find I have lot of energy to do cardio after weight training, and I also enjoy it better. I just do 10 minutes of cardio as a warm up before doing the weights, and sometimes i finish a session of weight training and go and do cardio like the afor about 24 mins, and come back to finish the rest of my weight training, and finally go back and do cycling/ cross trainer for about 15 mins., and after that I do about 10 mins of cool down in one of the cardio machines. I know whatever way I do it is not possible to lose weight , for I have reached the age of 54, but I feel very healthy and I look much younger than my age despite the excess weight.

Cardio after weights

I choose to do cardio after weights for myself and the people I train, because with the low insulen levels it helps you target fat during your run.
—Guest EliteMMA

Cardio after if you do HEAVY lifting

If you are doing the type of weight lifting where your face muscles do not flinch and you do not feel compelled to scream in agony sometimes, it does not matter when you do cardio. But truly heavy lifting requires focus and as much energy as you can give the muscle in order to stimulate more muscle growth. You are more likely to get injured lifting heavy if you do cardio first, or so says Frank Zane, 3 time Mr. Olympia. I warm up my muscles with lower weight sets and stretching, so no need for cardio to warm up. This way I have more glycogen ready for the weight lifting, thus get more stimulus for my muscle, thus grow more muscle which in turn keeps burning fat for me 24/7. The cardio after a weight lifting session helps me burn even more fat. Using this method, I go to the gym twice a week for about 1.5 hours total and maintain 9% body fat at a weight of 178 to 180 and a height of 5'11".
—Guest Rey

Cardio After Weights

For fat burning, you need to get your heart rate into the correct elevated zone. This is really easy to do after weight lifting, so I say its best to do cardio immediately after weight lifting as it gives you more bang for your buck.
—Guest TheGooch

Weights, Then Cardio

It is the only correct way to maximize muscle and burn fat. A former associate of mine, Sean C. Rider, and his life partner, Mark Shelton, fiercely resisted this truth for a while. But once they saw the light, they both improved.
—Guest Epic Swoleness

Cardio before weights

I have become more lean and cut performing cardio before weight lifting. At the same time, I bumped up the weight I used for each exercise and lowered reps to sets of 8-10 instead of 10-12.
—Guest Bridget


I do 1.5 minutes of cardio (aerodyne bike) averaging about 20 mph and then a set of 10-15 rep weight and repeat until the weight routine is done, about 24-30 sets. Exhausting, but my lung capacity and endurance have increased dramatically. Weight dropped significantly to start and the leveled off. Muscle mass showed appreciable increases. Hope I'm not overdoing it!
—Guest Dave


Depends how intense the cardio is. If it's 30 minutes low intensity (40 mins really low) then before or after really doesn't matter. But I agree with the article that more than 65-70% max HR work should be done before.
—Guest jimbo

Cardio then weights then cardio

I reckon 5-10 minutes cardio is very good to warm up your body. Then proper weight training and then finally cardio again to loose weight /fat for atleast 30minutes Try this: eat two bananas almost 30 minustes before your weight training. its like a super shot fo carbs. then as mentioned above -> cardio - weights-cardio. You will realise a massive boost in your weight lifting capacity. Cheers
—Guest Varun

Science says after For better at loss

If your trying to lose weight but want to keep as much muscle as possible, you should do card after your intense weight trainin session since after you train with weighs, your body has used up your energy sources therefore if you do card after you have burnt you energy source from lifting wieghts, you will be targeting fat. Other goals may require card at different times. But all in all if your not trying to lose and keel muscle on then it shouldn't really matter when. But of course if you do intense card before lifting wieghts it's only normal that scientifically you won't be able to lift as much or for as long.
—Guest Tripleace

cardio inbetween weight sets

I do cardio in between my weight sets. Moderate exertion for the cardio portion. I have seen great loss in measurements ie fat loss. Fantastic gains in strength. Doubled my weight lifted using a range of 8-10 reps stopping just before failure. The cardio before or after myth is just to keep you paying your gym fees in the busy gym.
—Guest Elizabeth

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When Do You Do Your Cardio?

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