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Readers Respond: Why Do You Think Your Supplements Are Effective?

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Updated July 15, 2009

Supplements for bodybuilding and weight training are popular. Some work and some are a waste of money. Which ones do you take and why? Or maybe none?


I started to increase my exercise regimen and supplementation about 3 years ago. I developed my own workout and supplement schedule by researching about 6 months of a fitness magazine. I lost over 60 pounds and haven't gained any back, even though I moved to night shift and essentially stopped working out for about 18 months. This is what I have found: Creatine, Protein Shakes/increased protein diet, BCAA supplements, and glutamine work REALLY well. The goal is to stay anabolic for as much of the day as possible, and stave off catabolism while you are asleep. Metabolizing while you sleep will make sure your body is active, even while at rest. The recommendation for a cutting diet (1g protein/lb body weight) can help this process. Glutamine, however, I have found to be the wonder supplement. It helps recovery to the point where I rarely get sore, no matter how hard I work out, and since I started taking it, I have been sick once. In three years. When I stopped taking glutamine.
—Guest bigboneded


I've takin a majority of these suplemnets and believe they work with tremendous gains. But all of these results could easily have been aquired with out these suplements and added possible health risks it just takes time a good diet and hard work. Gatorade and omega oils ok understandable. But these things should be taken where laking in your daily diet. They work use them if you want but be aware of the risk and research these items thoroughly before taking them and maybe go as far as talkin to a nutritionist or your doctor. The all natural aproach makes me feels better about myself and my gains.
—Guest cody

proteinn powerds

i find with a hour long work out per day with a healthy diet, whey protein powerds will make you gain 5-8lbs of muscle in 3-4weeks, thats how it was with me
—Guest guest no one

Supplements I Use

I have tried many different supplements. There are 3 I have seen work without a doubt. 1) Creatine - This stuff works! Within just about a week I increased my benchpress by 40-50 lbs. and my endurance was through the roof. I also gained a lot of size. I have also used it to help me get over strains and pulls. 2) Amino acids - I get the really big 2200 mg aminos and they really seem to tighten up my physique, and help keep strength and size gains coming. 3) Xtest from xyience. This was a testosterone booster. I didn't really gain a lot of muscle while using it, but my strength levels did increase and I felt phenominal.
—Guest Mighty Mick

My Supplements

My routine is simple and effective. I eat a high protein diet, watch hydrogenated fats, eat about 30 carbohydrates or less a day with no more than 4 grams of sugar in a 4 hour period, and take a few effective supplements. Everyday I get up and use 1000 mg Tribulus Powder, 25 mg Zinc, 1 Multivitamin, and 1 Ester C with bioflavonoids tab. After about an hour I eat two 3 oz. Met Rx Protein Plus bars; chocolate chocolate chunk flavor,.. "because they only have one gram of sugar" with a pack of peanuts and a Rockstar Zero Carb to drink. So it is simply like a snickers with peanuts and coke for breakfast. For lunch it is hard boiled eggs, canned chicken, smoked almonds with cola ect. Dinner is broiled meat in mass quantity topped with melted cheeses and sour cream. No Complaints, No Fat Gain, and Increasing Muscle Def. .
—Guest WorkoutSupps

Waste of money

I think most of these supplements are a waste of time/money. A balanced diet with a healthy intake of protien from meat and fish with plenty of vegtables is all that is needed. I do take Omega 3 supplements because its hard to get them in a normal diet every day. But as for those who belive you need to take in excess of 120 grams of protien a day to get bigger are just feeding a multi billion dollar industry that is just going to make you ill in the long term.
—Guest Mark williams


I try to stick with whole foods and no added sugar, so I think my diet takes care of what I need. I do however take certain oils and make shakes for extra calories and protein to maintain and/or add weight.
—Guest Mike

Omega fatty acids

The only supplements I'm taking are multivitamins and a daily dose of Omega 3-6-9.

which supplements/effective?

so far i take a protein drink after weight work and i think that helps alot with recovery. just started with glutamine, can't tell yet


I take general dietary suppliments, not for weight/body training, Vitamine B & C complex, salmon oil, and Glocosamine sulfate. I don't eat enough fish in my diet, & I have arthritis/joint issues
—Guest mddolson

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